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Our Mission
Our Mission is to provide compassion-based, accessible, high-quality training and self-help resources to reduce the risk of suicide, share hope, build resilience and promote emotional wellbeing.
Our Vision
Our vision is that people in distress have adequate personal and social resources and support from those around them to build lives worth living, so that they see the option of changing, not ending their lives.
Connecting with People e-learning modules now available
Training using evidence-based principles
The content for all our modules and clinical tools have been extensively reviewed by our international Expert Reference Group and developed using evidence-based principles, best practice, the latest research and invaluable input from people with lived experience.
Training routes for independent trainers, small and large organisations
We offer different models of training delivery to ensure cost effectiveness and meet the needs of independent trainers, as well as small and larger organisations.
Multiple delivery methods
Modules can be delivered face-to-face or remotely and are designed to fit within protected CPD time or shift patterns
4 Mental Health are a passionate group of professionals, delivering Connecting with People programmes to meet the differing mental health training needs of a broad spectrum of sectors, including healthcare, social care, statutory bodies, further and higher education, workplaces and the wider community.
Our flexible, modular training sessions are informed by evidence-based principles and cover a wide breadth of subjects from Emotional Resilience and Compassion in the Workplace, through to Suicide and Self-Harm mitigation modules with assessment tools for health and social care professionals.
We are proud of our international reputation for delivery of high quality training and delighted that our approach has been adopted by numerous organisations and sectors.
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Training for Organisations
Training for Independent Trainers

A whole-community approach

Our Connecting with People training supports a whole-community approach to mental wellbeing. 

Modules establish a common language to improve communication across different sectors and communities, whilst promoting a more integrated response across statutory services, third sector providers.

All of our Connecting with People modules emphasise the importance of compassion in order to:

Challenge the stigma around mental health issues
Promote the development and maintenance of emotional wellbeing
Increase understanding around suicide, self-harm and the development of distress
Minimise the anxiety and emotional labour that can be experienced when addressing the mental health concerns of others
Ensure a safe, appropriate and compassionate, person-centred response to someone in distress
Why choose us?

We’re incredibly proud of the reputation we’ve built over the years, for both the high quality of our Connecting with People training and the expertise behind it’s development. We care about our clients needs and always strive to provide an engaging learning experience to embed knowledge of best practice and meet training objectives for continued professional development, real-life impact and improvement of individual working practices

Our Materials

are peer-reviewed by our international Expert Reference Group and underpinned by evidence-based principals, the latest research, best practice and invaluable input from lived experience.


bite sized modules designed to fit within protected CPD time or shift patterns, delivered at a venue of your choice.

Training Delivered

by highly-skilled trainers, with a wealth of significant professional experience and essential insight to increase audience relevancy.

Two models

 of training delivery to ensure cost effectiveness and meet the needs of both small and larger organisations

Training Certificates

can be included within an individual’s CPD file

Assessment tool

 designed for time pressured working environments to improve consistency of assessment and intervention practices

More than 20000

people have received our training.

Vast experience

of training delivery to various sectors both with the UK and internationally.
As a regular lead Reviewer/Investigator of suicide incidents, my colleagues and I frequently identify risk assessment and safety management concerns. In particular, gaps in suicide mitigation awareness, skills and confidence. Having participated in Connecting with People training, I can affirm how effective it is in extending the understanding of suicidal thinking and warning signs. In addition, it enhances the skills of practitioners in responding with empathy in supporting the individual and enabling them to develop personal resilience and more optimistic thinking as part of their personalised safety plan. I consider the Connecting with people approach takes risk and safety management to a new and more sophisticated level and I urge clinical governance leads and professional heads to actively consider commissioning this model.
Malcolm Rae OBE FRCN
I now feel able and confident to create and discuss a 'safety plan' for the patient. I feel empowered that by discussing a patient's suicidal thoughts I can assess them more accurately, will refer patients more appropriately to secondary care services and by discussing simple practical solutions, that I can actually reduce their risk of dying. This course should be compulsory for all GPs in training.
General Practitioner