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Lee is 27 and has worked as a stuttering carpenter for 3½ years and as a furniture maker for 7 years. He lives with his nan, who he is the main carer for.  Lee has suffered with depression and anxiety since he was 14 years old, but didn't receive any professional help until he was 24 as he didn't understand what he was going through to ask for help.


Dear Lee,

I know your feeling very scared, alone, anxious and that your a constant disappointment to everyone around you. And it's very draining for you physically and emotionally. You can get quite tensed and moody with loved ones and others at times. Which makes you feel even worse than normal. When your feeling your lowest your start to question whether the world would be a better off without you. And who would miss you. 

Remember there’s always someone to talk to. A loved one, friends or a support campaign like Samaritans or Mind. You might not realise this but your very good at hiding what your going through. So unless you talk about it. Others will not realise how you are feeling.

Your anxiety was triggered by bullies. But your depression is fuelled from negative thoughts from within. I know there overpowering and you feel there no way of escaping these feelings. But with the right help and treatment you'll start to see what you've achieved in life. Rather than always focusing on what you haven't.

But if you ever feel like the world is too much and that the best answer to end all your pain is to take your own life. Start to think how will it affect your family. Your nan will be left without a grandson and a career. Your mum, brother, sister and the rest of the family may not be as physically effected but may be mental effected by the experience. 

You need to be able to open up more. The only way is to be able to talk about how your feeling. This will make you feel stronger and more confident person. That looks and feels so much happier as a person. It'll give you the confidence to try and archive your life long dreams and ambitions. Like working in the professional fireworks industry. 

Your a lot stronger than you think. Other wise you wouldn't have made it this far going through what you have been. 

Stay strong and remember to try and fail doesn't make you a failure.

From someone that knows you well.