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4 Mental Health Achieve Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) Accreditation

4 Mental Health have successfully achieved accreditation with the first national suicide prevention accreditation program, with standards defined by Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA), Australia’s leading suicide prevention body.

4 Mental Health provides compassion-focussed, mental health training courses and free self-help resources, with modules on wellbeing, self-harm and suicide mitigation. Bite-sized training is delivered under the program name ‘Connecting with People’, which is geared to meet the needs of clinical, community and corporate settings via a range of cost-effective delivery modalities: face-2-face, webinar, e-Learning and Train-the-Trainer.

The Australian Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) Accreditation provides independent recognition that 4 Mental

Health and the Connecting with People Training program meets defined criteria and standards developed by Suicide

Prevention Australia, with accreditation offering quality and performance assurance through independent 


Dr Alys Cole-King, 4 Mental Health’s Clinical Director: “We are passionate about promoting compassionate best 

practice and so are thrilled to be one of the first organisations to achieve this national accreditation. It recognises our 

focus on lived experience, safety and governance and our commitment to continuing quality improvement. We are 

particularly grateful to our international Expert Reference Group, Australian colleagues and Dr Peter Ilves, 4 Mental 

Health’s Training Director, who significantly contributed to our work in Australia.”

Dr Aaron Groves, Chief Psychiatrist Tasmania Health: “Many congratulations to 4 Mental Health for achieving full 

accreditation against the Suicide Prevention Australia Standards for their Connecting with People Training program. As 

the first Chief Psychiatrist in Australia to formally select the Connecting with People training to adopt throughout the 

state, I have worked hard with the team for many years and have seen first-hand their robust approach to safety and 

governance. Their focus on putting the voice of lived experience at the heart of everything they do ensures that whilst 

the training includes latest thinking, it is evidence-informed and promotes best practice, this is equally matched by a 

focus on compassion, coproduction and being culturally sensitive.”

4 Mental Health’s Lived Experience Expert Reference Group (ERG): “4 Mental Health recognises the essential nature 

and unique value that lived experience contributions and involvement bring to their work. As members of the 4 

Mental Health ERG we feel that everything 4 Mental Health produces is coproduced with us and that our opinions are 

truly valued and respected. By recognising lived experience in this way, we feel assured that the content of their 

training is fit for purpose and the best it can possibly be."

Ian James, Principal Aboriginal Mental Health Advisor to the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist of South Australia: "Congratulations to 4 Mental Health-Connecting with People on achieving SPA Accreditation which reflects their care and diligence. I have had the privilege of working with the team over several years and appreciate their support and understanding in providing culturally responsive training and resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander South Australians.”

Professor Stephen Platt, Emeritus Professor of Health Policy Research, 4 Mental Health’s Expert Reference Group Lead: “I am continually impressed by the extraordinary care and diligence taken to ensure their training is evidence informed, accessible, culturally sensitive, outcome-focused and infused with values of compassion and respect. Their commitment to co-production with people with lived experience is widely recognised and the organisation has strong governance procedures and a lean and agile organisational structure, permitting timely response to requests for help and support.”

For further details around 4 Mental Health’s Connecting with People Training, please visit

or Telephone: +44 (0)203 637 9191, Email: or Message via Twitter: @4_MentalHealth_